• A Tap Faucet basically is a valve for controlling the release and flow of liquid or gas.
  • This Tap Faucet is designed for Kitchen Sink and is attached with RO UV Water Purifier to get purified water when needed.
  • In short we know it popularly as tap. There are various options of Tap faucets available in the market depending on the need for which the same will be used. The most popular one available in market are faucet for Kitchen, for sink in bathroom, shower faucet, tube and bidet faucet, Faucet for the flash.
  • The designs and looks of Tap faucet vary and you need to pick the one which matches well with the interior where the same will get installed. Majorly stainless steel is used in its making.

Suitable for:

  • Under the Counter RO / UV Water Purifiers

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Length (cm) 13.46
Height (cm) 33.52
Width (cm) 3.55


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