• RO membrane 90 GPD for clean drinking water can be used for multiple water purifiers.
  • This has been built to match any household RO water purifier system fitting.
  • This membranes can work under low pressure to reach as high permeate flow and salt rejection as regular low pressure composite membrane, and achieves a salt rejection rate
  • which can decrease the investment costs for such relevant facilities as pump, piping, and container etc, and operating cost for the RO system, thus increasing the economic efficiency.
  • It removes impurities from the water making water safe with dissolved oxygen and odorless for drinking.
  • It is ideally used for domestic household, commercial, laboratory, hospitals and all other RO systems.
  • Compatible with all 10″ RO Membrane Housings. NOTE: You must replace Carbon Filter , Sediment Filter and Flow Rejecter(FR) whenever you replace Membrane for better results.


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